Just my little rant in prepaid phones. I’ll update this post eventually. But prepaid is a great way to go. I’ve switched between T-Mobile, sprint and Verizon, without ever breaking contracts.

T-Mobile and Sprint are shit. Their network sucks.

I pay $39.99 a month with Verizon, unlimited call, text and 15gb data.

I bought the iPhone 6s prepay a year ago for $200. The plan was like $50 a month. Autopay brings it down to $45 per month. After 7 months, you get the loyalty discount… both bring it down to $40

Great reception service. I’m do use WiFi at home. VZW prepay has the worst customer service. So try going in person to auth retailers or using VZW app chat support. Don’t ever loose your password or security questions.

You’d be a sucker to buy a contracted phone. Newest phones are expensive, they’re a liability that break… requiring exclusive new contracts and upfront payments. With prepaid phones, if one breaks… then you get the cheapest one they sell, until you save a bit for a prepaid phone. You can’t do that with contracts.

If you do contacts, you’ll pay the price of the phone once or twice every year. That’s how phone companies make money.

The unlocked phones for all carriers are even better. You can always transfer your number, pop the SIM card out and switch to a new cell company to test and compare.

If you do have a phone more than 12-24 months with contract, ask them if they’ll unlock it. Your heading to Mexico and will be using Mexican cell towers. If they do unlock it, you’re free so as long as your phone supports other carriers frequencies.

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