The last thing on my mind was dying, although the fear of being reborn was the first thing on my mind. I’ll be honest here, my interest of psychology started when I was 14 years old. Oddly enough it was not because I was a young entrepreneur, however it was because I had a full time job during the summer as a dishwasher.

I remember how some of the cooks and waiters were always dramatic.I had co-workers who were drunks, others were smokers and some plainly did crack. I observed how those who did the illegal drugs during work hours were the ones who left or were fired.

A key in understanding was simply being a young dishwasher. Unfortunately at that time I was only able to observe and just because I saw does not mean I understood. However as a young philosopher I philosophized. This paper will talk about how I understood psychology and the way I understand it now.

Placing the psychology pieces together.

Before I started learning course material, I started to do my own personal research on my time. I started to observe people with disorders. I was fortunate enough to gain one on one interactions with a diverse range of individuals and their personality traits or disorders.

I was becoming aware of a new reality. With previous attempts to understand knowledge, I have learned that to understand knowledge I must assume knowledge.

Now I assumed what I understood. I enjoyed watching videos on people who had extraordinary skills and abilities. I started learning about synesthesia and other ray-man like abilities other people have developed.

The bigger picture in psychology.

With everything learned, I wanted to know if it was possible to gain such abilities or skills. In psychology 1010 I came to understand that a lot of the things which I discovered were already discovered. In fact the first few chapters talked about philosophers who attempted to understand it all.

Perceiving is more than understanding. I never questioned the right questions. During my personal research why people acted the way they did or did what they did, I never had reason to ask. In psychology there are many variables which impact the growth of every individual.

Frameworks are the ultimate way to understand reality. I started asking the right questions, not that my questions were wrong however I never understood the bigger picture. Even more interesting was how my professor used those frameworks in order to explain very controversial topics.

In conclusion, psychology is plasticable. The science of psychology is just around the corner. In regards with my dishwashing job, after two years of working there I was disemployed. It turned out that the restaurant I worked at went out of business. Reflecting on psychology the frameworks of psychology have laid a new foundation for my processing and development in general.

Signature Assignment

The signature assignment’s for this theme is titled ‘Rewiring the Brain.’ This paper consists of reflection, methods of conducting research, basic principles, frameworks, concepts, theories, creative thinking, expression, communication, application of acquired knowledge and validating information.

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