I stopped believing years ago on fake things. If someone believes in something, I trust their belief as an observation of a phenomena. The reason being is that belief system rely solely on moral perspective. 

Photo taken by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. Work not modified, CC BY 2.0.

This has allowed me to see the world in a better perspective.

I know that Satan does not exit, neither does heaven or hell. Satan means serpent, and serpents represent rivers.

I know this because I went against morality, after reading different versions of the Bible and with different language translations.

The word serpent mismatched in so many occurrences, thats when I used the original text in a better context, than that’s when i knew the truth

Furthermore, it’s the moral principles and views of what people have created the serpent to be that fascinates me. Because those types of beliefs from people make you see how their world makes sense.

Because in a world of chaos, who would rather believe when you can know the serpent for your self.