Foundation For His Ministry

June 2008  

At the age of 15, me and the Jahries family traveled abroad to Vicente Guerrero, Baja California to volunteer for two weeks. As a group we learned about poverty, orphaned children and mass evangelism. We made new friends who came abroad as well in-order to volunteer, through-out our mission we pulled weeds, worked in the ‘nut house’ (macadamia nut processing), babysat for the mothers of the house to have a night off. Each house had roughly around 12-18 children aged from 4-10 years of age.

There we a few nights we attended an out-reach program. The outreach program traveled to migrant work camps to provide food, clothing, evangelize and provide medical resources. The first migrant work camp we traveled to was home to Oaxacan Indians, their homes were made out of PVC piping, tarps held by string and rope. As a foreigner I was unable to communicate with these villagers, they spoke a different language then I did. The children were malnourished and as result they developed Kwashiorkor, which is common in poverty .The next few migrant work camps were homes to people who spoke Spanish, they lived in shacks and sheds. These poeple were more civilized and spoke Spanish. As a group aid, I aided in translation for the other volunteers. The ministry provided honey and milk for the children that gathered to hear the evangelists.

These were some of the things we did, each day we worked hard and by the end of the day we as a group were exhausted, ready to sleep for a new day. My experience has definitely changed my perspective of humanity and it builds a new foundation of being human.