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Clients are always surprised in my simplicity, research and quality. In my experience, the main challenge lies within new discovery of hidden information found by analyzing the problem as a whole. Metaphorically, this process is just like a puzzle board, but with missing pieces that only connect with its surrounding pieces. This approach enables a detailed viewed of missing points of views, helping clients in a simplistic product.

My Chemical Project

In Home Medical Kits

In home testing has grown rapidly within the last decade for a variety of medical testing. These tests range from the urine pregnancy testing, blood glucose levels, blood A1C, HIV saliva, SG-10 urine perimeter strips and even alcohol testing for breast milk. These in-home tests are not just important for medical diagnosing, they are affordable and offer privacy. However, not all in-home test kits are perfect and the public could be unaware of their hazardous potentials.

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