First off, welcome to my coursework page, this is my progress in education for quantitative and qualitative studies. This page also exists for my personal development for the MLS (Medical Laboratory Science) program. This page is grouped into different parts of my coursework.

Secondly, any of the (EN) courses are considered as composition type of credits, (QL) are qualitative courses. The classes that are completed include a link to the correct page they belong in.

Lastly, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

My Coursework

Composition (EN)

Quantitative Literacy (QL)

Support Courses

Core Courses

Core Courses Fall 2018

  • CHEM 1125 Elementary Bioorganic Chem, lab

Core Courses Summer 2018

  • 1210 and 1220 Principles of Chemistry I and II
  • HTHS 1110 or ZOOL 2200 Integr. Hmn Anat/Phys I or Human Physiology

Core Courses Fall 2018

  • HTHS 1111 or ZOOL 2100 or PHYS 1010 Integr. Hmn Anat/Phys II or Human Anat or Elem Physics
  • MICR 1113 or 2054* Intro to or Principles of Microbiology

Elective Courses

MLS Courses Required

  • MLS 1113 Intro to Clinical Lab Practices
  • MLS 1114 Principles of Hematology and Hemostasis
  • MLS 2210 Principles of Immunohematology
  • MLS 2211 Principles of Clinical Chemistry I
  • MLS 2212 Principles of Clinical Microbiology I
  • MLS 2213 Principles of Clinical Chemistry II
  • MLS 2214 Principles of Clinical Microbiology II