Growing up in a small town in Utah has been a unique experience, which has given me an advantage for higher education in my personal perspective. Successful or not, Utah state registered nurse (RN) Darrell Romney and patient Anne who is using Anne as a pseudonym, both have not only acknowledged my pursuit of higher knowledge but they have complimented my work too.

I was born in raised in Utah, growing up, the little things in life engaged my attention and imagination. As a child during my leisure time, remote controls were fascinating, of course only when they were opened and examined. As I grew, I started to remove the chips, sensors, wires, switches and lights from my old toys and rewired new connections to create new toys or machines of sorts. I like to think of it as edification now.


Although my geeky persona shows my techie side of myself, the world of medicine, solving puzzles, taking apart toys and machines has always interested me and it is something I still do today. Frankly, the scene of blood, guts and needles does not clinch my stomach, unlike those who have syncope (Syncope is the medical term for fainting.) Through business Darrel Romney has not only been an associate, but he has been a mentor, at the age of 16 we both ran a small hobby business and slowly his real profession interested me. Not long ago Darrell Romney has said, “It is a tough field and you know what you want. You worked as a certified nursing assistant, phlebotomist and you agreed, you liked it. Nursing is something you may want to experience.” Although the nursing field is challenging, the medical world is something that has and still is fascinates me to this day.

Residents were always surprised in the care, which was given to them. As a Utah certified nurse assistant, philosophizing and pondering were part of my 30-minute drive commute to work. As a thinker, the little problems were faced on a daily basis from how to make people feel comfortable to how to be humorous. The big things to worry about became small or none the less. Even Anne mentioned before, “You’re not like the other certified nursing assistants, you are a young handsome man, you listen to the residents, you treat the residents differently and you even go to school. Tell me your secret?”

Although there is no secret, it is evident to say that my environment influenced my decision-making and my commute to work, philosophizing and pondering it all. At the age of 11 my first job was on a farm as a farm hand and around age 14 as a dishwasher faced with a unique type of social environment. Even the friends at school were surprised my large leap from being a dishwasher to working within the medical world.


Technically the medical profession did not pick me; it was my curiosity that picked it. In fact, Darrell never persuaded me into the field, it was my curiosity of his job, which was intriguing. Yes, there are a lot of people that have influenced my interests. Just like nostalgia, as a child growing up, the Emergency ER show was one of my favorite shows to watch and now some of my new adapted skills involve what was seen on television as a child. Today, I work as a phlebotomist drawing blood at an internal medicine clinic, which is fun, and each day my skills are improved though my adventures.

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