The applications of mathematics is extremely broad and not many poeple are able to find much use of it. Through-out the last few math courses I have taken, algebra by far is my favorite math class to this day. Although perhaps in the future courses such as physics, that may end up intriguing me a notch more.

Although the current jobs I have do not require such knowledge like parabolas, within my spare time it is extremely useful. After learning basic coding from xCode and Swift 2 (Apples new coding language, similar to Objective-C), it was my intentions to stop learning how to code for a short time until I was familiar with Algebra. Within the next few months I will be creating platformer type of games which require knowledge of parabolas, motion formulas and other formulas which were learned within the classroom.

My assumptions of mathematics are deteriorating and within this new foundation of knowledge, creativity is being enhanced. As example, never before was I able to create games or create marketing strategies. In fact the idea of gravity being affected by the space within it and around it never came across my mind. Today the world makes more sense and in making sense of gravity within games, it all points to the existing knowledge of mathematics which now I know.

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