Elements of Effective Communication

As a child I was told that I was different. Growing up, I favored communicating with adults more then then the kids in my grade. I enjoyed picking the adults brain in a metaphorical sense and t was fascinating to ponder ideas with them. Being a teenager, I also wondered about communication. Unexpectedly, when I was 15 years old I received an award from the local school district recognizing myself as a young entrepreneur. At the time, I ran my own farm and shipped eggs through-out the United States. After finding stress in my birds, I started experimenting to comprehend what caused stress in my birds used for breeding. I concluded my research to some breeders I knew, however they did not take my findings serious nor me. This paper coves my understanding of communication, how I discovered those reasons and the reason that poeple did take me serious.

The communications 1010 class has allowed me to understand how to communicate affectively. I personally believe the foundation of communication lays in the “all or none law.” In a humanistic approach mankind is social, each person communicates with one another. In math numbers are well known to influence one another.

If the foundation of communications is similar then to those of other systems, then there must be variables that influence the outcome(s). After all communication is a social and perhaps an evolutionary trait of sorts. In my communications 1010 class, I was able to experiment and practice in groups, talking in the class on arguing, writing methods, speaking and other useful assignments that helped focus my ideas. Also, communication can be defined with these words: affecting and affected. Variables are physical expressions, art (and their mediums), writing, radio, television and many other objects, ideas and perceptions.

My first experience in my communication 1010 class involved comprehending the reality of the way poeple perceive communication. At that point, I started practicing different forms of communication. I never realized communicating with the variable of behaving friendly could have changed the way poeple perceived who I was. It also changed the way

At the same time there was a balance that poeple may have never discovered. In order to communicate fluently, one must practice until the skill is mastered. The more I practiced the more I was able to sound normal and not a robot. At some point, poeple thought I was repeating to them books instead of conversations.

What others comprehended also changed the way poeple perceived what was being told. I started noticing when poeple became bored of the conversation. I started making new skills in observing when poeple became bored. At the same time, when I noticed they were bored I started focusing in forms of engaging them in the conversation.

Now I need to change how I communicated. In ways to avoid unpleasant conversations I learned how to change conversations fluidly and dynamically. There are poeple that communicate with a purpose and others who communicate out of boredom. Filtering was difficult, however just like the all or none theory, those who had purpose also had reason. I started to communicate with personal high school friends who I graduated with and compared that to those who were working on research projects. It turns out there were poeple who pondered about the world and some who did not. I was able to ask these questions based on those I personally knew, their perception of reality usually patterned that with others.

In conclusion, there are variables that influence the way poeple perceive, respond and comprehend information. Unfortunately I am unable to produce the environment to test since I was young entrepreneur. I can only imagine of what I could have done in order to have gained the breeders attentions. In fact I have been saving my data to write a perfect research paper once I take my english and writing classes.

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