I am a geeky kinda of person, at least I consider myself geeky. However the first day of my computer essentials class was interesting. I recall my professor saying, “Using computers is not rocket science, anyone can use the computer.” As a geeky type of person, I thought that the class was straightforward, just an easy A class.

The homework was somewhat difficult. At first my homework made no sense. The syllabus was complex through-out the course. Despite the complexity, it turned simpler as I turned in my assignments. That is when I started to understand the structure of the assignments and how they related to the material. Perhaps the work was easy as I proposed, however having the ability to comprehend any instruction given and verifying

Technology is more interesting then one may think. As a computer geek, I have worked at commission based computer job. I thought I knew a lot about computers, but it was not until I started to read the technology in action book, it was not until then when I started to understand more about the way technology works. There is a lot of history and a lot of ethics that comes to play, which one may not consider when using their devices.

Then, how does a geek like me determine if this class was an easy A one may ask. The answer is somewhat vague. I personally thought the class was straight forward, simple and receiving an A grade was highly. I came to learn that the homework was somewhat difficult and I can never see technology the same way I thought I did.

In conclusion, the class was a simple grade, however I learned more. After completing an endless list of Microsoft Office assignments, I have come to a further conclusion that I am able to write more effectively. I thought I knew a lot about computers in general yet the technology in action book has taught me more then I knew.


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