Chemistry in Life paper, Research Proposal

Nearly a month ago my grandparents asked me to purchase Omega fish oil supplements, advised by their physician for diabetes. Insisting on buying a specific low-priced brand, I chose to do the opposite, as I recollected that Omegas Acids were light sensitive and the ones they used came in a clear container. That has led me to create a research article, where the topic focuses on achieving a process for identifying the quality of Omega supplements and forming discussion within the medical community.

To start, the core of this paper uses the scientific method; this will assist by hitting the most critical aspects of my topic. The scientific method provides a framework to create repeatable evidence, understand among the scientific community.
Secondly, the chemistry in this research will obtain data using, new, proposed and accessible means of testing omegas. The data will yield different properties of omega acids, ratios, dosage and quantities found in regular Omega supplementation. The chemistry behind the equations will assist for providing credibility in experimentation and functions in daily life.

Thirdly, it is essential to show the importance of Omegas in life. The Omegas life journey begins by how they are made, from krill oil, fish oil or synthetically. And to packaging and the shelves, where the perspective of the shopper depend on their use. Their uses have a wide range. From general health to use as directed from a physician. There are even times when Omegas are combined, with certain medications, such as anti-diabetics.

As a side note, personally, Omegas Acids do affect me, as CoQ10, recommended by my physician, and a nutritionist for testing high inflammation. But that was my first allergic reaction. That makes Omegas the only natural and the best answer for me.

Regardless whether or not a hypothesis establishes, the data on Omegas will have an impact in peoples lives. The results will be shared either way to the Science, Mathematics, and Engineering department at Salt Lake Community College and various online blogs. Different people will have the opportunity to test my findings and open a bigger picture of the effects of manufactured Omega acids in the medical community.

Not only am I confident that my findings will open new insights in Omegas, but it will change physicians choice of dietary supplementation brands. With my grandmother, switching Omega brands was the right choice. Her sugar levels decreased by 30 points within the first month. It will be interesting to know her levels within the next few months.

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